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35336Re: CHF: How do you know the time has come?

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  • Carol
    Nov 27, 2008
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      No one can really know how long a heart kitty has. Vets only can go
      by what they've seen in some cats in the past and each cat is
      different. When my angel Sweetie went into CHF the first time, they
      said she had a month. She lived 10 more months and most of that
      time she was okay. Yes, she had other episodes of CHF, 3 of them,
      but she bounced back and in the end it wasn't her heart that took
      her, it was her kidney failure. She had CRF for 3 years prior to her
      heart problems.

      With the right medications and supplements, I think heart kitties,
      even ones that have had CHF, can rebound and feel better. You have
      to be on top of it all the time though, and it's not always easy,
      but it's possible to help them feel better for the time they have

      Taking things like CoQ10, DMG (dimethylglycine), taurine, L-
      carnitine, along with their meds, heart meds and diuretics, I think
      can improve and extend their quality of life.

      If you haven't seen a cardiologist vet yet, I think it'd be worth it
      to take him to get an ultrasound to see exactly what's going on with
      the heart, so they can prescribe the proper meds to handle it. I
      know how stressful it is for him, but maybe you can have the vet
      give you a mild sedative for him for the car trip.

      Keep trying to feed him, assist feed him if you have to. We had to
      do that with our angels Sweetie and Chris, and when they felt better
      they ate on their own again. Entice him with yummy stuff, low salt
      tuna or clam juice poured on top of his regular food. Whatever it
      takes to get him to eat. The heart needs nutrition to function
      properly and if he's not eating at all, try to get something into
      him as best you can. Baby food meat is good too. We use Beechnut
      Stage 1 meats. They don't have any spices or junk in them, only meat
      and broth. You don't want anything with onion or garlic in it.

      Hang in there. I hope he's feeling better.

      Carol and Snowball and the gang
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