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  • Pat
    Oct 5, 2008
      Hi Nicole, Sharyl, and Group;

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      From: "Sharyl" <clinebay@...>
      >Nichole, yes taurine and L-Carnitine are found in most cat foods. And yes
      >most of us with heart kitties have found it beneficial to supplement all
      >three. I really >don't know what the overdose level is.

      In the beginning we did give carnitine to Pepper until I researched it
      further and found that there are mixed results from studies, depending upon
      the individual heart disease.

      For instance: http://tinyurl.com/3hzdoe
      "It was suggested that the l-carnitine-induced increase in left heart weight
      might partially account for the postponed occurrence of pulmonary
      hypertension in the early stage by elevating cardiac output, which might, in
      turn, lead to the resulting increase in pulmonary pressure. In view of its
      complex effects on cardiopulmonary haemodynamics,l-carnitine supplementation
      may be impractical for reducing PHS"

      Aside from the fact that you don't really know how much carnitine is in a
      specific supplement because they aren't controlled, there seem to be other
      questions such as EFA absorption:
      "These findings suggest that the most likely mechanism for increased serum
      carnitine is increased carnitine synthesis by the liver. The changes in
      carnitine metabolism in SHR appear to occur between 5 and 10 wk of age,
      because the carnitine levels in serum and organs were comparable in 5-wk-old
      WKy and SHR. The observed alterations in tissue and serum carnitine levels
      may result in altered fatty acid utilization in SHR."

      There are some very interesting articles out there, and the big concern for
      me was that if high blood pressure was a concern, carnitine seemed to have
      an influence, whereas with HCM there wasn't a concern:

      but then I am not a doctor, let alone a cardiac specialist, and the end
      choice for us was to back off until we had better science available.

      Does anyone have good scientific information on this?

      Pat and all the boys.
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