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  • elfinmyst@aol.com
    Oct 5, 2008
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      Hi Nichole

      1. I have given three of my cats these supplements for two years now daily
      and two have outlived their diagnosis. All three were young kittens when
      started and none have had any adverse effects. I can't say there never would be,
      but in my case, the supplements with the meds have prolonged their lives.

      2. My cats have regular 6 months bloodwork for the HCM and the effect of
      diuretics, but not the supplements.

      3. Co Q is most important in my experience. Taurine is important in DCM as a
      lack can cause this.

      4. I have no honest idea. Taurine and carnitine are just amino acids and any
      extras would be excreted. This is an assumption however. I have no clue for
      the Co Q

      5. I use Cardio S by Vetriscience and have given half daily since the
      kittens were 4 months to about 9 months. Then one daily. It's one pill a day for a
      cat. I'd like an answer to that as well as my boy is reaching 7kg.

      6. Mine get regular cat food with the supplements as well. Co Q has shown a
      lot of promise in human heart disease as well.

      Again, i`m not a biochemist or vet, so can only go on my experience.:) Best
      person to ask is your cardiologist. My vet prescribes my Cardio S and the
      cardiologist knows about it.

      Lyn :)

      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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