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34682Re: Anyone use Nattokinase for clotting?

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  • Catherine Browning
    Oct 1, 2008
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "waterglow12" <waterglow12@...>
      > My kitty didn't take well to Plavix. Has anyone had experience with
      > Nattokinase for clotting? I'm nervous to try aspirin with all the
      > effects/cautions in cats.
      > Thanks!

      I had five furbabies - Kitty (a stray) and her 4 HCM children.
      Buttons (firstborn) passed in 2005, and Patch (second born) passed on
      May 30th, both due to complications from saddle thrombosis.

      I've put Claude (third born) and Tuppenny (fourth born) on
      Nattokinase, since clots seem to be what these siblings are most
      prone to developing. They've been on it since the beginning of June
      08 - 50mg for Tuppenny (smaller build), and 75mg for Claude. I'm
      using "Doctor's Best" sprinkled into their wet food, as it's the most
      readily available in Australia that doesn't have Vitamin K (this is
      important, the not-having-Vitamin-K).

      It's hard to know if it's working. It has made their fur much
      softer, which apparently is a side effect, so it's doing SOMETHING!
      All I know is that between June and now *touch wood*, they haven't
      thrown clots yet, and are otherwise full of life. I don't know
      whether they would have thrown clots without the Natto, so I don't
      KNOW that it's saving their lives, but Claude and Patch were at very
      similar stages in their disease, and *touch wood again* Claude is
      still with us.

      Hope something in the above might help!

      Catie, Topsy-Angel, Kitty, Buttons-Angel, Patch-Angel, Claude and
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