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34679Intro to myself and Moto

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  • Nichole
    Sep 30, 2008
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      Hi everyone,
      My name is Nichole and I'm the mom of Moto and his 4 kitty siblings.
      Moto came in as a stray through a rescue group I volunteer with after
      falling into a container of motor oil (hence the name Moto) in the
      factory he used to call home. That was in 2004 and he was estimated
      to be around 2 years old. So he is now around 6 years. Hes a very
      handsome DLH black big boy!

      We discovered early hypertrophic cardiomyopathy after an
      echocardiogram I requested after losing my dog to CHF. No treatment
      was recommended at the time by the cardiologist. Months later a heart
      murmur was detected (2/6). Then over the next couple of months his
      heart murmur went up to a 3/6. We followed up about 9 months from
      his first echo and discovered his condition was progressing, he was
      placed on Atenolol 6.25 mg BID to start for his elevated HR and an
      obstruction was present when his HR elevated, I believe he also had
      regurgitation. When the Atenolol 6.25 mg wasn't reducing his HR to a
      more acceptable level we increased Atenolol to 12.5 mg BID, this was
      too high of a dose for him, he experienced lethargy. So I reduced it
      down to 12.5 mg in am and 6.25 mg in pm, and this dose has kept him
      well controlled. I don't have the cardiologist or vet notes in front
      of me so this time line may be a bit off... I believe that takes us
      to recently in July/August 2008, he had a follow up echo and things
      looked stable, his obstruction was no longer present because his HR
      continued to be controlled. Even when stressed out during the echo
      his HR only went up to 140 or there about. The cardiologist said he
      doesn't need to be seen for another 9-12 months.

      Moto has been on a diet for several months now because he is
      overweight, I know not a good thing for a heart kitty :( He has
      monthly weigh ins and is down to 16.5 pounds, he's lost 2 pounds
      since February!

      I am interested in learning about additional supplements that may
      benefit Moto. He is among one of my special needs kitties, so they
      all keep me nice and busy!

      I look forward to meeting all of you and your kitties.

      Nichole and Moto
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