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34672Fw: [crf-info] My Tember girl

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  • annette burton
    Sep 29, 2008
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      =0A=0A=0A=0A----- Forwarded Message ----=0AFrom: meaniebie <meaniebie@yahoo=
      ..com>=0ATo: feline-crf-info@yahoogroups.com=0ASent: Monday, September 29, 2=
      008 5:05:39 PM=0ASubject: [crf-info] My Tember girl=0A=0A=0AIt is so hard t=
      o write this, because it makes it too real, but I had =0Ato let my girl go =
      today. She took quite the turn for the worse =0Atoday, and it was clear tha=
      t it was time for her. I had to make sure =0Ashe would not suffer, and I wa=
      nted her to go while she was not in =0Aobvious pain. I wish I could have sp=
      ared her some of the discomfort =0Athat I know she felt.=0A=0AIt was very p=
      eaceful , even tho heartbreaking. I chose a sweet lady =0Avet, who is in as=
      sociation with my town vet. I did not give him the =0Apriveledge of serving=
      my girl.=0A=0AWhen I first arrived at the vets, I got out of the car, and =
      sat in =0Athe grass with her, letting her out of her carrier, to look aroun=
      d. =0AShe had no strength to take off exploring as she normally would, but =
      =0AI could see that she loved the warm September sun on her face, and =0Ash=
      e liked being free to walk a bit, and smell the leaves, and hear =0Athe bir=
      ds.=0A=0AOf course, I let the vet check her over, and see what she thought.=
      =0ATember had no strength to do anything, but lay on my chest, as she =0Aa=
      lways liked to sleep. Kristy, a tech there for years, the first tech =0ATem=
      ber ever knew, came in to stay. She has always loved Tember, and =0Ashe kis=
      sed her and talked to her and sat next to us. Tember was brave=0A(really di=
      dn't seem to feel it) as the doctor gave her the shot, and =0Ashe grew very=
      relaxed and looked so peaceful. it took the vet a while =0Ato get a vein. =
      by then, when they shaved her leg, she was all comfy, =0Aand didn't even kn=
      ow it. So I got to hold her, and love her, and =0Ahugged her tightly. It fe=
      lt so good to be making her feel better, =0Aand free from the confines of h=
      er little sick body, but it hurt so =0Avery badly in my heart. They left me=
      alone, and I held her, and was =0Aglad it was over for her. Kristy came ba=
      ck, and made two little =0Afootprints, one for me and she said one for her =
      if it was ok, to =0Aremind her to never give up. =0A=0AI took her to my dau=
      ghters home in the country, where we buried her =0Aunder some wonderful tre=
      es, at the edge of the woods, along beside =0Alittle "mama kitty", as stray=
      that Lora gave a good home , and their =0Adog "abby". I put an angel on he=
      r grave, and could hear the most =0Awonderful birds around there. What a wo=
      nderful spot. =0A=0AI am so grateful to all the folks here. I oculd not hav=
      e taken care =0Aof her if this site hadn't been here, and we would not have=
      had the =0Aextra time that we did. I feel kind of badly, that perhaps I =
      =0Ashouldn't have waited, but it always looked like there might be the =0Ap=
      ossibility of a little more pain-free time. today, however , it was =0Aclea=
      r that it was time. there are some things I'd like to share - =0Amedical th=
      ings and developements in her case, but now is not good. =0AIt has been a b=
      eautiful day, and my girl is at peace. I will be ever =0Agrateful for the h=
      elp I got for her here.=0A=0AIt breaks my heart to write=0A=0Aannette and a=
      ngel Tember-forever my girl-=0A=0A</SPAN> <!--~-|**|PrettyHtmlEnd|**|-~--><!--~-|**|PrettyHtmlStart|**|-~-->
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