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34461Mellie - thanks

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  • Carol Yonov
    Sep 3, 2008
      Thanks everyone for the quick responses! I've rescheduled Mellie to tomorrow at 2pm. I just hope she really got this morning's dose - the morning dose is in a gelcap along with her 1/2 tumilK. As I was syringing some water I saw something come out of her mouth and I looked all over her, around her, and even combed her in case it was in her fur. No capsule. I sure hope she got it swallowed and it was just water flicked back out. Talk about frustrating.

      Thanks for being there for us with the quick answers. I doubt our vet would have had an answer as he keeps enalapril on hand but not atenolol (Tootsie takes enalapril and Mellie takes atenolol - sure would be easier if they could both take the same med).

      Carol and Mellie

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