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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    Aug 5, 2001
      hi jeanne,

      yes, i know what you mean about a recharge....pum seems to be doing ok these
      days...he seems to be recovering from the enalapril toxicity problem on his
      kidney functions....thx to the person on this site who said i had to
      checkthe creat levels etc also otherwise i'd be going about my happy
      ignorant state administering the enalapril every night...poor pum....

      well, i am going to try to enjy the moments of repreive ethat i have at the
      moment to give myself a stress rest and to give the pum the much un-needed
      additional attetntion that he is requesting....that cat gets more attetnion
      than everyone else in our entire family combined!!!

      have a nice sunday! and thx again for all the support, kindnesses and words
      of encouragement you send our way!

      linda and the boys

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      Here's hoping that Pum and Dom can both stay on top of this nasty
      problem for awhile longer. I sometimes think when I am calm and
      feeling comfortable with what is happening that Dom senses it and is
      more relaxed too. (Well, as calm as Dom can get! LOL) He is lying
      beside my laptop playfully biting at my fingers as I type this and I
      think he wants more undivided attention. Spoiled cat!

      Thanks for the kind words on dad. He was very lucky to live to be 84
      and he is now at peace.

      We will be here for you and I know I will be looking for your advice
      the next time that Dom looks a "bit odd". I wish all of our kitties
      could go through some prolonged good periods to give us
      worrrying "meowmies" the break that we need to recharge. We all just
      love them too much if that is possible.

      Jeanne, Dom, Bono & Louie

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Mike & Linda Irrgang" <irrgang@a...> wrote:
      > dear jeanne, thx for saying it all so eloquently...i just babble and
      > ramble....but you and dom have given me the courage to face the
      > for pum and everything you say is right for pum, yes, i want him
      > forever, i want him there with me when it's my time....and he will
      > .....just not "here" but waiting for me running like a mad cat tail
      up in
      > the air, making fun of my inability to keep up with him, i know he
      > will....he's just like that!
      > thx for saying it all so right and for giving me the spark of
      courage that i
      > needed to do it...oh gosh, here i am bawling into the
      keyboard...it's the
      > hardest thing i've ever had to do!
      > i don't know if this is the right venue but pls accept my sincerest
      > condolences on the passing of your dad. it sounds like he had a
      good life
      > and was ready to accept the natural passing of time. again, you
      give me
      > courage.
      > linda
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      > Subject: [feline-heart] Re: Feeling Down
      > Well, since I am the 1 that took Dom off of all of the heart meds
      > to all of the problems in March, I sure will say that Linda knows me
      > well. I was a nervous wreck for awhile just waiting for Dom to do
      > something negative! We have now hit the 5 month mark and Dom is
      > going strong. He is still getting his hot spots and may need another
      > nasty depo shot again. I see a small spot that I am treating with a
      > topical as we try to avoid the steroids since they are bad for the
      > heart too. My point in all of this is to back up Lindas comments. Of
      > course the asthma may need the depo too soon so it is a wait and
      > We were truly blessed with Doms picking us to be his family for
      > whatever time that he has left. So far, he is still much better off
      > of the meds than when he was when drugged. This is just this cats
      > inability to metabolize meds into his system properly plus even a
      > slight food change causes him problems--he is very sensitive. But in
      > March, we decided that this is terminal and we would not traumatize
      > him any longer. When he starts to slow down where he is looking
      > tired, not eating etc., we will PTS as it is the thing to do for
      > I want him with me forever, but not at Doms expense! I can really
      > describe this right now because I had an 84 year old father that was
      > in the hospital. He aspirated vomit and ended up with aspiration
      > pneumonia and I found him in ICU on a ventilator when I got there
      > after they called me. He spent 1 week in this condition and he just
      > wasn't handling it. He was dependent on the ventilator for 100% of
      > his oxygen and was fighting the vent so he needed to be totally
      > sedated 24/7. After 7 days and no improvement, I was told there was
      > probably permanent lung damage and he may never get off of the vent.
      > He also needed 2 hip replacements, needed prostrate surgery, had a
      > bad liver and now couldn't breathe. I asked to have him removed from
      > the life support as I know this wasn't dads wishes. He never even
      > wanted to go to a nursing home so I knew this would not be
      > to him. If making Doms decision was tough, let's just say this 1 was
      > tougher. He passed away on Wednesday morning but again I knew this
      > was the right thing to do for him. Keeping him here was just going
      > be for me, not for him. I look at Dom in the same way as my dad and
      > will make the same decision quickly when the time comes for him. It
      > doesn't make it easy but for me, I do know that what I do is the
      > correct thing for the other person. I can live with that! Dom will
      > probably slow down and sleep lots etc. and that will be fine and I
      > will allow him to do this his own way. I will intervene when he
      > any signs of suffering or he really lets me know that he has had
      > enough. I feel sure that I will know by observing and talking to
      > For Dom, not eating will be a sign as he loves his "foodies"! I had
      > to PTS another cat, Snickers about 9 years ago and she told me when
      > it was the time. For me the "Quality of Life" is the most important
      > thing.
      > Good luck Linda in coming to acceptance of this way of thinking.
      > After fighting for so long it is hard because you want to do more
      > and more, find new vets, new doctors, new meds etc. but sometimes
      > just accepting the inevitable may be the kindest thing for our loved
      > ones (both humans and pets). Just my opinion of course!!
      > Jeanne, Dom, Bono & Louie
      > --- In feline-heart@y..., "Mike & Linda Irrgang" <irrgang@a...>
      > > hi z., i'm sorry to herre that widgie is having difficulty...i'm
      > sure you
      > > have done all the right things and you really can't look at the
      > vet's
      > > absence as a negative as i really believe that everything happens
      > for the
      > > best and has a reason behind it.....with lasix my vet has
      > > electrolyte salts....iw onder if the difficulty moving could be
      > related to
      > > her being dehydreted and having muscular/joint pain....but i just
      > don't
      > > know....have you tried the "neck skin" hydration test??? you know
      > you pull
      > > up the skin on the back of their neck and if it pops right back in
      > plaace
      > > they are well hydrated and if it kinda stays in the pulled up
      > positin it
      > > means they are dehydrated...
      > >
      > > is their anyone else you can consult....and would you even want to
      > if there
      > > was? i know that i feel very reluctant to consult just any
      > > person....
      > >
      > > recently i had to really look into my heart about the pum and i
      > thought of
      > > big dom and his mom jeanne and how she took him off all the meds
      > and what a
      > > hard call it was for her and how she lives on pins and needles now
      > every
      > > minute of the day....i took pum off the enalapril and it was a
      > decision
      > > to make but i know now that i will not go any further with meds or
      > > additional conventional med treatments....bec there comes a time
      > when i have
      > > to ask myself "who am i doing this for? him or me? is it really
      > meeting my
      > > need for him, to continue to have him around? or is it really what
      > is best
      > > for him? and his quality of life? " somebody also said here
      > recently "our
      > > babies are ok with death...it's us who aren't" and those words
      > really
      > > touched me....(sorry for being so unoriginal, i just sorta pick up
      > these
      > > tidbits that impact me but they are really someone else's
      > and
      > > actions)....
      > >
      > > and now i just got back from california from visiting my
      > son/grandson and
      > > during that time i thought, gee, i just feel so old and tired
      > compared to
      > > them(the son and daughter in law) and of course next to the
      > grandson, i'm
      > > downnright decrepit and then i thought of my mom in houston who
      > had a
      > > really difficult time recently and is saying she wants to die and
      > doesn't
      > > understand why she has sto go on living in her current condition
      > (she has
      > > pretty bad arthritis and takeds pain meds but as we know the pain
      > is still
      > > really there and drs seem to have an aversion to prescribing the
      > real pain
      > > remedies due to fear of lawsuits, etc. it's just terrible) and
      > there i
      > > saw the cycle of life and how it goes around and how we try so
      > to
      > > interject our own emotions, knowledge born of need, either
      > emotional or
      > > physicsal and that in the end there is only so much that we can
      > really do
      > > bec nature will still take its course.....we fool ourselves into
      > thinking
      > > that we have control and we think sometimes that we do but in
      > in
      > > reality, we are only delaying the inevitable....
      > >
      > > and then i thought that it is important to for me to try to take a
      > step
      > > forward to work on my ability to embrace that inevitability and
      > rejoice in
      > > the cycle of life and rejoice in the happy moments that i have
      > and now
      > > with those that are important to me and whom i love and care for
      > and try to
      > > find the strength to support them as much as they need in their
      > time of need
      > > and pray that i can find that strength and the courage to make the
      > right
      > > decision based on their needs and not mine.....i'm going to have
      > work on
      > > it alot...i'm basicaslly selfish and want the pum, my mom, my
      > ones,
      > > around me forever....i will have to pray alot and muster up every
      > ounce of
      > > strength....bec it's not easy....am i making any sense....
      > >
      > > i know that you have done everything you can for your baby and i
      > think that
      > > holding her and loving her and letting her know that you care for
      > her is the
      > > most important thing you can do...and you are doing it....you are
      > making her
      > > feel loved...she is eating and that is very important and maybe
      > she's tired
      > > and just wants to rest and know that you are there with her is
      > enough for
      > > her....i can only say that i think i would try to find someone to
      > get an
      > > opinion without traumatizing her and then look into your heart and
      > try to
      > > answer the question "what would widgie want me to do for
      > her" ........
      > >
      > > widgie has been a part of my llife for sometime now and i can feel
      > so much
      > > sympathy for her and it hurts me too.....i don't know if i have
      > hellped any
      > > but i hope that i have.....i'll light a special candle for you and
      > widgie
      > > tonite and we'll say some special prayers for her to recover and
      > for her
      > > mommy too.
      > >
      > > linda and the boys
      > >
      > >
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      > >
      > >
      > > Okay, it works through the website...hope this isn't repeated two
      > > more times that I tried to send via email.
      > >
      > > I had a bad night last night. Widgie seems so weak and tired. I
      > > to give an extra 1/2 Lasix because her cough sounded wetter last
      > > night. She doesn't seem to want much affection...so unlike her
      > former
      > > self. It just hurts me to see her like this. But heart rate was
      > > and even resp rate was okay.
      > >
      > > This morning she was on the bed. I cuddled her a little and she
      > > purred a little and licked my hand. She ate okay and then went in
      > the
      > > bureau drawer to sleep for the day. She's started having a little
      > > trouble jumping up to the chair next to the dresser. She seems
      > > weak. I just look into her eyes and she is saying to me she's
      > > very tired.
      > >
      > > I just don't know what to do. My internal med vet is gone this
      > > Could it be low potassium? It was normal a couple weeks ago. For
      > > those of you using Lasix, does your vet give potassium supps? I
      > > afraid to switch to the dandelion.
      > >
      > > So many of you say your cats have energy...why is Widgie like
      > > She is on a really low dose of heart meds so I don't think that's
      > the
      > > cause. I really need some support today.
      > >
      > > z
      > >
      > >
      > >
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