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  • LennonLvr1730025@aol.com
    Jun 4, 2008
      HI All....I've been on this list for a few months but never posted.
      I've been treating my cat for what I thought was a heart problem. In January
      he was having a lot of breathing problems and I took him to the vet and his
      lungs were filled with fluid. They put him on Lasix & Rutin and drained his
      He improved and seemed to have enegry and play like a kitten. (He's 8 yrs
      He seemed ok for awhile but then at the beginning of May he had to have his
      lungs drained again.
      He didn't really improve and I left for a 10 day trip to England and had his
      lungs drained for the third time.
      I just got back from England last night and while I was there I got a call
      from the vet saying he had a mass in his lungs. So I know it's lung cancer and
      terminal. My ex husband was watching my 3 persians while I was gone and when
      I got home last night I know Romeo was happy to see me. He was purring but he
      isn't eating much or moving much. When he's sleeping he looks peaceful but
      when he's awake he's breathing thru an open mouth and I can see his lungs
      going in and out breathing heavily. My other 2 cats must know something is
      wrong...they are staying close to him and meowing a lot.
      At what point do I know it's time to put him down? I can't stand the thought
      of him not being here but I don't want him to suffer either.
      Any guidance would be appreciated. :o(

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