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33125Re: Appetite stimulants, useful experience

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  • toomany_kittys
    May 9, 2008
      My original stmt is below. This refers to auto immune diseases such
      as demylineating neuopathy which Jasmin has. As I stated,
      prednisolone is used in a very high dose for a short duration which
      then often suppresses the symptoms for years - not in lower doses for
      life. The below drugs aren't used in this manner for this condition -
      in extremely high dose for short duration. Please note my original
      stmt below 'They are not without serious adverse affects.'

      Cyclosporine and Azathiopine aren't used in this manner. They are
      used continually for life duration. They are also not without serious
      adverse affects.

      > I must disagree about azathioprine and cyclosporine. They are
      > immunosuppressors and are used like other immunosuppressive drugs,
      > with much stronger effects and, unfortunately, worse adverse
      > In cats, they are used in severe cases of lymphocytic
      > cholangiohepatitis, feline herpetic keratitis, immune-mediated
      > hemolytic anemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenia and so on, when
      > to corticosteroid therapy is poor.

      If I recall correctly, you brought up the IBD. Believe me, the stool
      from pancreatic insufficiency is not always 'just loose, pale and

      This is heart group, so we
      > shouldn't "talk" about pancreatitis or IBD, but her stool was
      > small-bowel diarrhea, not just loose, pale and greasy stool like in
      > pancreatic insufficiency.

      I completely disagree with the stmt below. In an emergency situation,
      medications are often important but not always 'when disease
      develops'. Yes, medications are important for some diseases but with
      many, such as IBD, alternative treatments such as accupuncture,
      Chinese Herbal medicines, supplements, etc. and diet changes work
      very well. The methods don't have to applied on a long-term basis. My
      HCM kitty had IBD (both diagnosed by ultrasound), and we successfully
      used alternative methods. He no longer needs the accupuncture nor the
      Chinese Herbal meds for it. The IBD has resolved itself.
      Also, for HCM have you read the recent post where the one cat who
      reacted adversely to Atenolol has had improvement with the supplement
      Cardio Strength? At some point, he will probably require meds, but
      the supplement has reversed the disease process to a degree.
      > I strongly believe in medications. When disease develops, there is
      > time for the use of less dangerous methods. Those methods must be
      > applied on a long-term basis, and are irreplaceable for preserving
      > health, but in the cases of serious diseases.

      You're right, this is a heart group. If you would like to further
      this discussion, feel free to email me.

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