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33114Re: Appetite stimulants, useful experience

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  • toomany_kittys
    May 7, 2008
      Thank you for your post and the information.
      Prednisolone, when given at a high dose and then weaned , i.e. in 6
      mths can sometimes suppress the auto-immune disease symptoms for
      months or years. This is done for many humans also with Multiple
      Sclerosis when symptoms are severe. This was the neurologist's plan.
      The vet had a different plan to wean slower and maybe not at all,
      depending on any return of symptoms.
      Cyclosporine and Azathiopine aren't used in this manner. They are
      used continually for life duration. They are also not without serious
      adverse affects.
      Currently, Jasmin the cat is being given hydrocortisone alternatively
      with the pred to wean her off the pred. It isn't as strong and has
      lesser side affects. She is also on an adrenal support for the next
      3 - 6 mths. The integrative vet has found that diseases that respond
      quickly to pred often involve the adrenal glands.

      I'm glad the IBD resolved itself with your cat. The yellow soft stool
      does indicate undigested food - the yellow is bile. Were you giving
      her digestive enzymes? Pancreatic enzymes? supplements for gut
      health? I recently had a cat have acute pancreatitis and the yellow
      stool that you speak of and within 3 weeks her stool was back to
      normal, as were her pancreatic numbers, etc.. She was given an herbal
      formula with digestive enzymes, adrenal support, immune support, etc.
      and the problem resolved very quickly. (I have many foster cats)

      Sometimes drugs are absolutely necessary, but often there are better


      -- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "rzivorad" <rzivorad@...> wrote:
      > Hi El!
      > I can't argue, your experience obviously shows that those vets,
      > articles on the use of corticosteroids I have read, are deeply
      > Maybe we could discuss whether it is some coincidence, but I see
      > there are many other people with the same experience. Unfortunately,
      > there are many occasions when corticosteroids must be used,
      > in cats, because they are so prone to immune mediated disorders.
      > Luckily, there is alternatives to corticosteroids. Those are
      > azathioprine and cyclosporine, but it seems that corticosteroids are
      > very popular among many authors, so one can heavily find
      > recommendations of proper dosages of these two. I am sure that vets
      > also have that problem. Besides, side effects of these two
      > alternatives are pretty unknown, especially when cats are in
      > When we talk about therapy for IBD, it is not real long-term use of
      > prednisone, because it usually last only 8 weeks.
      > Thanks for your mail, it's worth to have information of such
      > Many regards from Deda
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