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33079[FH] Re: Appetite stimulants, useful experience (now steroids)

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  • psychoforkaatz
    May 6, 2008
      The use of steroids for IBD cats is really a cat by cat decision. I
      have been a member of the IBD group for about a year although since
      Josie was also diagnosed with heart disease I havent been there much. I
      am glad that I personally chose to steer away from the use of regular
      steroids as they would be detrimental to Josies heart condition, they
      promote fluid retention and Josie has been having serious problems with
      that lately. I use supplements and food changes and most recently a
      long course of antibiotics to help with a recurring underlying
      infection and Josie's IBD is much better. She was not a regular vomiter
      but had constant diarreah. I think the food changes helped her the
      most. So while many people have no choice after trying everything else,
      to use steroids, each case is different and I think the fewer meds we
      can get by using the better. I already spend 24/7 administering meds,
      supplements and feedings to Josie, its a good thing I have no life.....

      Kendall and Josie
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