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33076Re: Appetite stimulants, useful experience

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  • toomany_kittys
    May 5, 2008
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      Hi Deda,

      Besides, corticosteroids like prednisone/prednisolone don't have
      > serious adverse effects on cats. I have experience with long-term use
      > prednisone in my cat and I really didn't notice any adverse effect (it
      > could be increased appetite, maybe, but she is so poor eater that even
      > long-term use of prednisone doesn't help). Many experienced vets,
      > articles on corticosteroid therapy I read, assert the same.

      I have to strongly dispute the statement above as I have a much
      different experience with my kitty Jasmin and prednisolone.
      Jasmin, 3 yrs old now, has a neurological condition called
      demylineating neuropathy. It is an auto-immune disease that came
      immediately after the FeLV vax and anaesthesia/spay done at the same
      time with a previous caregiver. This was diagnosed by a neurologist.
      The symptoms are severe ataxia, eventual limb paralysis, twitching,
      thin coat, etc.. Of course her people then returned her to a shelter.
      The only allopathic treatment is prednisolone. The neurologist put her
      on a six mth treatment course of it. She is still on it after one year.
      He told me of side effects. She has them. Her bladder walls have
      thickened (common side effect), debris in her urine. It also is very
      hard on the heart and her heart is checked periodically. She is being
      weaned off of it but damage has been done by prolonged prednisolone
      therapy. It did however, relieve the symptoms for the most part until
      Now she goes to an integrative vet, along with the neurologist and we
      will be trying alternative methods and supplements.
      I truly wish that I'd never agreed to her being put on the prednisolone
      for a prolonged period of time.
      I'm glad the pred worked for your little one with no side effects. My
      experience with it is the opposite.
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