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33075[FH] Re: Appetite stimulants, useful experience

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  • katy4282003
    May 5, 2008
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      actually you are wrong to say that long term use of steroids dont
      have serious adverse effects of cats. steroids lower immunity thus
      making the cat unable to fight infection just like in people. the
      risk for diabeties and ulcers are also increased. steroids can
      exacerbate heart disease. many experienced vets also give yearly
      vaccinations but we know that isnt safe for our pets. i am glad to
      hear that your cat hasnt had adverse reactions to steroids but that
      is not always the case and steroids should be used with caution in my
      katy & belle

      > When I told you that it was wrong to discontinue corticosteroids, it
      > wasn't because I thought you did it too fast. It was because you
      > that you had done it fearing of adverse effects. That's not good
      > because when the therapy is discontinued too early, recurrence can
      > place. Besides, corticosteroids like prednisone/prednisolone don't
      > serious adverse effects on cats. I have experience with long-term
      use of
      > prednisone in my cat and I really didn't notice any adverse effect
      > could be increased appetite, maybe, but she is so poor eater that
      > long-term use of prednisone doesn't help). Many experienced vets,
      > articles on corticosteroid therapy I read, assert the same.
      > All in all, I appreciate your message and I enjoyed reading it!
      > you.
      > Many regards from Deda
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