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33073[FH] Re: Appetite stimulants, useful experience

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  • rzivorad
    May 5, 2008
      Hi Cindy!

      I use the term expert to indicate person who is the most knowledgeable
      in some area. No doubt that Mr Douglas Bronstad deserves that. The
      therapy which is described in the article cured my cat from IBD!
      Homeopathic methods didn't work, dietary changes failed completely.
      Generally, you are quite right about pharmaceutical companies. You share
      opinion with my son (or vice versa), who avers that pharmaceutical
      companies don't want to discover medications which will really cure most
      of known diseases (instead of just keeping us alive), because then they
      can't sell us these (unduly expensive) medications.

      I think that, in the case of IBD, probiotics supplement wasn't mentioned
      deliberately, because in IBD gut flora (consisting of bacteria, of
      course) usually overgrows, and my attack liver and pancreas through
      common bile duct. The goal is to suppress it, not to recover it. In most
      cases of cholangiohepatitis, there is concurrent IBD present.

      When I told you that it was wrong to discontinue corticosteroids, it
      wasn't because I thought you did it too fast. It was because you said
      that you had done it fearing of adverse effects. That's not good reason,
      because when the therapy is discontinued too early, recurrence can take
      place. Besides, corticosteroids like prednisone/prednisolone don't have
      serious adverse effects on cats. I have experience with long-term use of
      prednisone in my cat and I really didn't notice any adverse effect (it
      could be increased appetite, maybe, but she is so poor eater that even
      long-term use of prednisone doesn't help). Many experienced vets, which
      articles on corticosteroid therapy I read, assert the same.

      All in all, I appreciate your message and I enjoyed reading it! Thank

      Many regards from Deda

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