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33036Re:SAM - systolic anterior motion

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  • Chevalier, Freedom
    May 1, 2008
      Not entirely clear on the connection between SAM and HCM, but maybe this
      might be of interest: We have 3 neutered males with Heart Murmurs.

      ZiZou, (3 years old) is FIV+ Siamese cross, has HCM (pronounced) and a grade
      5 heart murmur, and is on Atelonal.

      Vinny (13 years old) Black DSH has only the heart murmur, grade 3, without
      any other signs and is not on any medication. He does not have HCM.

      Baggins, Black DSH, (a recent foster/rescue, who will now be living out the
      remainder of his days with us as he is unstable for rehoming) is 14 years
      old, lost one eye to Glaucoma and is blind in his remaining eye. He does
      have glaucoma in the remaining eye and on twice daily drops to reduce the
      pressure. He is also experiencing urinary issues that we are struggling to
      diagnose, with our amazing vet. At last nights check up he was diagnosed
      with a Grade 3 murmur (He does cough/wheeze intermittently). We are working
      on an overall diagnosis of his health status so that could change. We've
      only had him 3 months. (The poor old man was abandoned by his previous
      owners of 14 years because they suddenly developed allergies to him.)
      Baggins is on Fortekor (starting today).

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