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33019My cat has heart failure, now what?

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  • goneaussie4ever
    Apr 28 4:44 PM
      Hi All,

      I am sure you have all heard this before so please forgive my
      rambling. My my 9 year old cat was diagnosed with advanced heart
      failure in October of 2007. The specialist gave him 3 months to live.
      My cat has had more EKG's and sonagrams than my grandparents! He also
      takes some of the same meds as my grandparents. Life is funny that

      Anyhow, I am writing to you all because I am very frustrated with the
      cat cardiologist. I drive 60 minutes to see the specialists every 10-
      14 days. They are the "only game in town". They keep telling me my
      cat is going to die and this will be very expensive. After 6 months
      of meds, tummy taps, and various tests, I think I understand both of
      those concepts. What I don't understand is what to except.

      Help me out here..is there a "normal progression of the disease".
      Lately my cat has been less bloated. I am thinking hurray the
      diuretics are working and he is more comfortable...the vet says
      (through a vet tech who never seems to understand a word I tell
      her) "No.. this is the progression of the disease. The Dr. is
      certain your cat is getting worse". How is less bloated a bad thing?
      What is the "progression" of this horrible gut wrenching disease?

      Any insight would be gratefully appreciated

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