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  • rainycat@comcast.net
    Mar 21, 2008
      HI Lisa,

      I'm not an expert on all of this but I've had kitties with HCM. I have a maine coon 17pds. Once a kitty has gone into CHF, I belive that lasix will have to be part of their lives to help keep them out of it (just like humans with this same condition) finding the right dosage can be difficult, my kitty is on lasix -18.75 2x day/ but is only on the spiro, 1/4 tablet/day and 1/2 enalapril 2x/day .. (total of 5mg). He was on a higher dose of lasix after his intial hospitalization and a week later was back in chf again ... I think we had him up to 60 and down to 50 initially.. his kidneys were increased so we cut back -so far so good, but he is also a young cat 4 yrs old, so his kidney are stronger than an older cat.

      It is very important to monitor their blood for the kidneys but also their potassium levels. I guess you also have to take into consideration the severity of the HCM.. one of my cats (since passed) was dx with mild HCM on a well care visit at 3yrs old. only had to put on atenthol (?sp) never went into chf and lived to a good old age of 17. My current kitty was dx in Jan, so he is fairly new to this dx and is due at the vets next Sat (after 2 mo) he stressed too but after a couple of visits got used to the car ride / blood work etc/... So I guess you have a lot to consider, everyone knows their pet best. Personally I think not txing w/lasix once the kitty has been dx w/chf... he may eventually slide back into it and we all know what a nightmare that is. Many on this board have had their kitties live much longer than their vets expected on meds and w/o going into CRF. Like I said this dx is only a couple yrs new to me.. so I am not an expert.. I only know so far what has worked f
      or me and not. I take one vet visit at a time and keep my fingers crossed that they dont' see fluid on the xrays.. I imagine the longer my kitty goes being stable the more months I wait in between appts. Best of luck to you and your kitty.. we all know how frustrating working with this dx can be but cherish the extra days we may have with them.


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      From: "Lisa Clarizia" <lclarizia@...>
      > Hi (sorry, I don't know your name),
      > The answer to that is yes and no. Yes, in that for some cats, the symptoms
      > of CHF can be minimal to none, no in the sense that CHF is a disease state
      > caused by the underlying cardiomyopathy.
      > That's splitting some physiological/biochemical hairs, though. As
      > heart-kitty guardians, what we really have to focus on is the clinical
      > aspects of the cat's health -- how their symptoms are managed, how they are
      > feeling. If your kitty is not showing any outward symptoms of CHF, then you
      > probably can reduce his lasix a little more and see what happens. Once an
      > initial crisis passes, the cat often doesn't require a high dose of
      > diuretics to be fluid-free, though it's unusual for a cat's condition to
      > resolve to where it needs none at all. I took my Lilly off hers, but there
      > was a very big question as to whether she had any fluid to begin with, and
      > her dose was extremely low anyway.
      > I don't generally recommend doing this kind of thing without consulting your
      > vet, but it's a fact that some of our kitties just can't stand going to the
      > vet and vet visits have to be kept to a minimum as a result. If I were you,
      > I wouldn't drop his diuretics entirely, and I'd reduce the dose slowly while
      > keeping an eagle eye on him.
      > Lisa
      > On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 9:05 AM, pawsitivelyappetizing <
      > pawsitivelyappetizing@...> wrote:
      > > Hello
      > > Can anyone tell me if chf can go away completely? I have been
      > > monitoring my cats breaths and weigh and have dropped one of the
      > > lasix he is on completely for almost a month now. I am seeing his
      > > weigh and breaths stable and would like to drop another lasix pill if
      > > possible as I feel the less lasix he gets and can still have good
      > > breaths etc the better it is for him as far as his kidneys... He was
      > > on lasix every 6 hours then I drop a pill and went ever 8 hours now I
      > > want to drop another pill and go every 12 hours.. His dosage is as
      > > follows 12.5 of lasix every 8 hours 1/2 spironolactone and 1
      > > enalapril tywice a day. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.
      > > My cat stresses when the vet comes (this is how he ended up in the
      > > emergency room ) and therefore we have decided since finding out he
      > > had chf and hcm not to have any testing done.. so blood work and
      > > ultra sounds are NOT an option..You may say why not ask your vet
      > > about dropping the meds. I did earlier but she was not to leen on it
      > > so I am monitoring him on my own as far as the meds dosage... I have
      > > always said I do not want to fix on thing to ruin something else and
      > > I feel the lasix and spiro are doing harm to his kidneys ...Thanks
      > > for you help in advance...
      > >
      > >
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