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32450Re: [FH] CoQ10 (was :Re: Carol - Precise, and CoQ10)

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  • Pat
    Mar 4 8:41 AM
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      Hi Carol;

      Wow! Thanks for finding links that at least have some reference material I
      can track down. It is important to know the criteria and procedures that
      were in use for these studies as there is usually an agenda or bias to
      prove, or disprove something, and one needs to be able to find out whether
      this bias is relevent to one's needs.

      As you are so busy with Snowball, I am amazed you had the time to collect
      some interesting sites. :-)

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Carol" <carolroars@...>
      > I did a lot of searching about this CoQ10 absorption thing, and I
      > think you're right.
      >This is a real bummer, 'cause the powder ones are so easy to
      > give...open the capsule and empty in the food, zip-zip and your
      > done!

      How big are the capsules? We do everything in capsule form, but the Vitamin
      E is the only gelcap we use. At pill time we drop the capsules, or gelcaps,
      (twice a week), at the back of the tongue, squirt across the tongue with a
      bit of water to start the swallowing mechanism, and hold the cat's mouth
      closed near the teeth and jaw to prevent hurting them and also prevent the
      tongue from spitting the pill back out. As they don't taste anything, it
      works well, and over all the cats we have had to treat I have yet to run
      across one that hasn't learned within a couple of months that getting this
      exercise completed means a treat of Fancy Feast, and that they are still
      very loved no matter how well or badly the pill went down. And there is no
      question it gets down one way or another. ;-) A couple of our most stubborn
      boys open their mouths voluntarily after being smart enough to figure out
      that this is definitely going to happen.

      Part of the reason some supplements are in gelcaps is to prevent them from
      being exposed to air before being consumed, so it would be better to leave
      the gelcap sealed if you can. However, I forget how large the CoQ10's are
      because we try to avoid supplementing what should be coming in
      diet.......you don't have the same luxury as you have eating issues to
      address, which I understand.

      Pat and all the boys.
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