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32443CoQ10 (was :Re: Carol - Precise, and CoQ10)

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  • Carol
    Mar 4 12:17 AM
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      hi Pat,

      I did a lot of searching about this CoQ10 absorption thing, and I
      think you're right.

      What I found was that oral supplementation with powdered form of
      CoQ10, like the capsules we buy, only is absorbed to about 3%...so
      you're not getting much! All these years of giving it to my guys
      (and myself!) and it's probably not been helping at all? yikes!

      Maybe someone else can offer some insight too?

      Here's a few sites with info that I found. I hope the links come out
      okay. I made tinyurl links to the ones that were long.

      http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=138112 or


      mnsid=cb7feec17c079f68186ea620ef988a07 or http://tinyurl.com/32ryjj
      (this one is just a vitamin site selling a particular brand -
      Twinlab Twinsorb CoQ10 - talking about it's absorption compared to
      other brands)

      If anyone else has any info on this, I'd really like to see it. If
      this is true, that they're not absorbing hardly any of the powder
      form, then I'm going to change them over to one of these "liquid"
      ones. This is a real bummer, 'cause the powder ones are so easy to
      give...open the capsule and empty in the food, zip-zip and your
      done! And they don't taste bad. The stuff in the liqui-gels is icky
      thick stuff that is so hard to squeeze out, and it tastes bad. It
      tastes like the way motor oil smells! At least the one I tried
      years ago was like that. It was Jarrow Q-sorb and it was like super-
      duper thick and you could hardly squeeze it out of the liqui-gel.
      That's why I switched over to the powder ones... bad move I guess.

      Anyway... other opinions on this are very welcomed.

      Carol and Puddy Boo Punkie MeanMama Misty Snowball and Chelsea
      (angels Fritzy 2/02, Sweetie 10/03, Ducky 11/05, Bouncer 4/06, Muffy
      11/06 and Chris 9/07)

      "I know you're there...a breath away's not far to where you are."

      The CoQ10 is not effective unless you are using gelcaps, meaning the
      ones you can't open.
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