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32414Re: Need some advice for Snowball please

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  • jamander33
    Mar 1, 2008
      Hi Carol, Sounds very familiar as far as the reglan goes. My cat,
      Griffin, did the very same thing on reglan. He became almost
      frenzied. It is a side effect that can happen unfortunately. I
      cannot remember exactly how long it lasted. I want to say he was
      sort of wild for about 6-7 hours and then just collapsed with
      exhaustion. I have given him reglan since, just in a reduced dose. I
      now give him about 1/2 of what was prescribed and it still controls
      his nausea without making him frenzied feeling. On a good note, I
      will tell you that when Griffin was totally nauseated all the time
      and not eating and vomiting a lot, the reglan was what really turned
      him around. Once we got his dosage correct, we gave it to him about
      once every 12 hours and it allowed him to eat and hold his food. It
      completely stopped the vomiting episodes. And, Griff was vomiting
      about 2-3 times a day. So, hang in there and try to keep Snowball as
      calm as possible until it wears off some. Amanda and Griffin

      > hi everyone,
      > I haven't really posted much for Snowball. She's my
      > CRF/HCM/IBD/Pancreatitis kitty.
      > Last October Snowball was diangosed with IBD, pancreatitis,
      > and hyperthyroid. She already had CRF and early stage hypertrophic
      > cardiomyopathy - the CRF in April 2006, the HCM in May 2007. She
      > was doing okay with the CRF and HCM till this past October when she
      > was diagnosed with the other things, ever since she's been on this
      > rollercoaster of not feeling well. Her appetite isn't good most of
      > the time, and I give her an appetite stimulant, 1/8 if a tablet of
      > Cyproheptadine once a day. She also gets a B12 shot once a week.
      > Cypro makes her heart rate high, but if I don't give it to her, she
      > doesn't eat... so we deal with that daily.
      > The worst part of her problems has been her nausea. She gets
      > injectible Pepcid (Famotadine), .20 of 1cc twice a day, but it
      > doesn't always help. I've tried a lot of holistic thing to handle
      > her problems, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and supplements,
      > she still battles with this nausea every day. It's been like this
      > since October. She'll have a good day here and there, but most of
      > time she's nauseated. She throws up at least once a week, lately
      > it's been every couple or three days the past few weeks.
      > Well, this morning I got her breakfast ready, gave her the Cypro
      > her food and she walked away. She was still nauseated from during
      > the night, she had spewed twice during the night, just clear foamy
      > stuff. The vet gave me some injectible Reglan, so I decided to give
      > it to her this morning. She's never had it before. I gave her the
      > injection and 10 minutes later she went crazy! She's been bouncing
      > off the walls ever since and I can't get her to calm down. I gave
      > her the Reglan at around 6:15am and it's 8:15am now.
      > I'm terrified that she's going to have a heart attack or something,
      > her heart is just racing! And she's still wouldn't eat. She walks
      > to the food like she's hungry, but just jumps away from it like
      > got cooties or something! Well, just about 10 minutes ago, I
      > finally got her to eat a little bit of her canned food, but not
      > Is this reaction common with Reglan? I used to give it to my angel
      > Sweetie and she never had this reaction, but Snowball is just going
      > bonkers! She can't calm down! She's yowling and going from room to
      > room, acting like she's looking for something, or is seeing
      > something and there's nothing there!
      > Does anyone know how long this drug stays in their systems? Is she
      > going to be like this for 12 hours? The dose on the bottle was
      > 12 hours.
      > I really appreciate any advice. It's just after 8:00am California
      > time where we are, and she's been bonkers now since 6:15 this
      > morning! I don't know what to do for her.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Carol and Puddy Boo Punkie MeanMama Misty Snowball and Chelsea
      > (angels Fritzy 2/02, Sweetie 10/03, Ducky 11/05, Bouncer 4/06,
      > 11/06 and Chris 9/07)
      > "I know you're there...a breath away's not far to where you are."
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