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  • Kristen
    Feb 20, 2008
      Hi everyone, I just found and joined this group today. My name is
      Kristen. I have two cats at home, both boys, Chico and Whiskey.
      Chico, my savannah boy, was diagnosed with HCM about a year ago or
      more already. I'd have to look back at my records to be sure. He is
      on two medications which I give him daily, lasix and enapril(I
      think). I originally took him to the vet because he was coughing, I
      didn't know what was wrong. He hadn't even turned one yet. After
      xrays, and a heart ultrasound, my vet diagnosed him with HCM. He
      since has had 2 more ultrasounds, both showing the same. He seems
      to be doing well for the most part, he sleeps a lot. He doesn't
      really act like a young cat, to me anyway, but he does play some and
      he is always hungry and has a good appetite. I'm still in the denial
      stage, I want to take him to a feline cardiologist, even though I
      feel my vet is very qualified. There are none local, and Chico isn't
      the easiest traveler. If he in fact really has a heart condition, I
      don't want to put any more stress on him that absolutely necessary.
      I could go on and on, but I just meant for this to be an introduction
      more than anything. I look forward to reading about other's
      experiences with this disease, and I look forward to any
      advice/suggestions you can give me to make sure Chico has the best
      quality of life for as long as possible.
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