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32183Hoping for palliative care for our kitten Barney

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  • lorieawhite
    Feb 5, 2008
      So, we scheduled an appointment at Cornell University Vet hospital
      for our 16 week old kitten. Soonest we could get in would be
      tomorrow. But in the past 2 days he has gotten worse. At least that
      is to say, he does not have breaks between episodes of open mouthed
      panting and collapsing. He now mostly sits with his mouth partly
      open. He tries to lie down but you can hear the fluid building up
      so he gets right up again. He also stopped eating today. We can't
      bring ourselves to pack him in the car and go to a new vet hospital
      and go through the ultrasound which could really bring out more
      anxiety and stress and kill him. He has gone to a samll country vet
      a couple miles from our home. Cornell is 35 minutes away and more
      well "hospital-like". He just can't handle change right now. So,
      we're looking for vets who come to the home who are willing to offer
      palliative care. This was a very hard decision for us. If he went
      back to having breaks between episodes (being able to eat, drink,
      sleep) we'd be more inclined. But having possible heart disease on
      top of his exhaustion and hunger...it just seems cruel to put him
      through more stress.

      We bottle fed him from 2 days old and love him so incredibly much.
      We took him in thinking we'd foster him but got too attached. I hope
      a vet can come in and look, listen and feel his symptoms and offer
      something just to make him more comfortable.

      Glad to have found this group to share this with. Thanks. I
      certainly feel for all of you who are going through this. We're so
      lucky to have found these animals. I cherish every moment I have
      with each one we have in our home.