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32157Re:Nervous about new job

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  • Vickie
    Feb 2, 2008
      I know it's hard, I use to pray everyday when I came home I didn't find Baby dead, or real sick. After a lot of time went by those daily feeling went away. I'm gone M-F 745-5.
      If you a 20 min walk away from home, you can cut it down if you have a car, and go home
      on a break or lunch, that will help easy your mind.

      I know making money to keep them alive, and you not being home sucks, but think of it this
      way, you will enjoy the time you do have even more. I don't do much on my days off, and when I go shopping, I get when I need and back home. Why I don't know Baby is sleeping, wouldn't care that I'm home to spend time w/him, but I'm there!

      Not sure if you do already, but one way to save a lot of money on meds is not to buy it from the vet!!!

      You can email me if you like, I now what you feeling, I hate leaving even when I didn't have a sick cat. But I've had one sick cat after another for the last 7ish yrs, no break.


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