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32153Re: [FH] coq10 and/or vetmedin

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  • MarisaKatnic@aol.com
    Jan 31, 2008

      As for your inquiry to "vetmedin," which is also known as "pimobendan" I can
      tell you that my cat, Oliver, is taking 2.5 mg. twice daily and has done
      exceptionally well with it. Many will refer to it as the miracle drug and at
      the same time, my cardiologist cautioned me in that you can experience sudden
      death. My cat is so ill that I have a double edge sword here. If we opt not
      to use the pimobendan (according to the doctor) his chance of living with his
      particular heart disease (mitral/tricuspid valve dysplasias) is slim and if
      we did introduce it, I have to accept the possible consequences. Thus far,
      to date, going on eight months ... it's been a real magic drug for Oliver.

      I have to keep pointing out in my posts that Oliver is not your typical
      "house cat." He is a hybrid, F2 Savannah and is about the size of a bobcat so
      when others see on the list the high doses of med's he takes, keep in mind he
      is a large cat.

      If you go to "Database" and then over to the link "Our Furbabies" you can
      see who is on what kind of drug. I did this and it helped me discover which
      cats have taken similar med's to mine and, looking for a similar diagnoses of
      heart disease.


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