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  • jamander33
    Jan 6, 2008
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      Hi Lyn, I wanted to also chime in concerning surgery (anesthesia)
      for our heart kitties. I, too, was terrified about putting Griffin
      under, as he had bad gingivitis - painful mouth. I am fortunate to
      have a vet that has a specialty in vet dentistry. However, she could
      not assure me of anything anesthesia related. To our total delight,
      he came through the dental surgery perfectly - not a single concern
      while he was under. And, ironically there was another HCM kitty
      having his dental that day as well. He was 10 and he did perfect as
      well. So, our heart kitties can come through just fine. It is so
      important for your vet to follow very strict anesthesia protocols.
      There are certain drug combos that put less stress on their hearts.
      One thing that my cardiologist recommended to our vet was to give
      him a pre-anesthetic (they used buprenex) which in turn allowed them
      to use less gas (isoflurane). Please keep us posted. Amanda

      > I know this isn't heart related, but someone here might be able to
      help as
      > Milli has a heart problem as you know. Milli came home from the
      hospital last
      > night and we were petting her as she slept on the bed. We found a
      lump between
      > her shoulder blades, about the size of a pea, moveable and
      attached to a
      > stalk. It's right where she has the vaccinations three months ago.
      > I took her to the vet this morning and they say a 50/50 chance of
      > Vaccination sarcoma. I`m obviously really worried, particularly
      with her heart. Has
      > anyone had a heart cat which had surgery for this? Any other cat
      would have
      > had surgery this morning, but Milli is at great risk from an
      anaesthetic. We are
      > waiting to see if it is growing rapidly.
      > Basically, I`m really upset. I feel I`m responsible as I had her
      > She doesn't deserve this and I just want this all to go away. I
      know there's
      > a 50% chance it's not a tumour and I can pray and hope, but what
      the heck do
      > I do about surgery?
      > There's a risk we'll lose her to surgery. Please, if anyone has
      had a heart
      > cat with surgery, let me know and if there is anything I can do.
      > Lyn
      > www.furkids-uk.com
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