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  • sue
    Jan 5, 2008
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      Hello everyone,

      I post frequently on the FBMB and they recommended you all. Oliver is our dear friend, a
      16 year old Maine Coon with a delightful personality. He was diagnosed with diabetes in
      November 2006; with the help of FBMB we were able to get him off insulin for 13 months.
      His BG levels have been creeping up for a few months and we started insulin today again.
      His BG levels were 284 this am and we gave him .5 units of PZI.

      Apparently one of the reasons for the change in BG levels is that he has HCM (diagnosed
      with a ultrasound). We took him in for sudden weight gain and he had 3 cups of fluid
      drained. His abdominal fluid is still being analyzed since the vet has't ruled out cancer

      With all that, he is doing amazing well. He is eating and drinking and although never an
      active cat, he is moving around and purring. He has lost no weight (nor gained any with

      Our concern is that we had to go to an internist rather than a feline cardiologist. Our
      reasons are financial (we have already paid vet bills over $1000 this week) and
      geographical (the nearest cardiologist is 140 miles away round trip). The internist is citing
      a new study by Fox (which we have asked for but do not yet have) that suggests cats with
      HCM are not helped by the usual medications. He says Oliver's heart is beating well even
      with the defect and he wants to stay with the diuretics for now. We asked and he said it
      did not consider this hospice care.

      Comments? Ideas? Having dealt with the vet and diabetics (she came around to the
      hometesting and wet lo carb but she didn't start there), I know you have to research for
      yourself and sometimes question. But we know nothing about HCM and seem to find only
      general information about it, lumped together with other heart problems. The individual
      cases I have seen are usually a young cat that has done well, or an older cat who didn't
      last long.
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