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31884Fwd: Re:New here with HCM diagnosis

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  • schatziesue
    Dec 31, 2007
      thank you...Her breathing is down to 25 to 28 today. She is also
      taking in about double the amount of food that she has been
      tolerating. Previously I was able to get about 15cc of food and 12
      cc of water every 3 to four hours... her last feeding, I got 30 ccs
      of food and 15 ccs of water down before she decided she had enough.

      I did not have an ultrasound done...I cannot afford it at this time.
      I will be able to in a couple of weeks. My new vet seems to be very
      up with heart conditions and is 99% sure of the diagnosis. We will
      do the ultrasound as soon as we can to verify.. She did stop eating
      and with 7 cats...i did not catch it as soon as I should have what
      with the Christmas and all going on. So I really believe that we are
      dealing with 2 seperate issues. I think that he did not want to do
      the lasix because of her not eating and drinking and we are trying to
      get fluids into her.

      She is alert just not very active although she has never been very
      active. She did take about a teaspoon of food on her own this
      morning. That is the first time in 2 weeks that she would eat
      anything but maybe 1 and only 1 treat. The only other thing she will
      eat is catnip which I have been giving a little after every feeding
      because it seems to calm her stomach and keep her from throwing up.
      We have had only a small amount of vomiting yesterday...after huge
      amounts every day for a week and none today so far.

      I know that we need to do the cardiologist thing, but I do not work
      and am on a limited income. I do have some money caoming in a couple
      of weeks from my father's estate and plan on using some of it to at
      least confirm what we are doing is right.

      Thank you for all the help you can give and advice. I am so leary of
      vets having had 2 bad ones in a row before this one and tend to try
      to double check everything. He diagnosed the hcm based on a heart
      murmer and a full panel blood work.

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