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31883Fwd: Re:New here with HCM diagnosis

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  • nala nala
    Dec 31, 2007
      > With a respiratory rate that high, it sounds
      > as though your dear kitty, Spice, might actually
      > be in heart failure (CHF). If so, then Lasix, a
      > diuretic,
      > might be indicated. Don't let the idea of heart
      > failure
      > disturb you. It just means that the heart isn't
      > pumping well enough to prevent fluid from backing
      > up into the lungs and it is relatively easy to
      > treat in its early stages. Some cats live for
      > years after a bout of CHF.
      > I would discuss this with the vet that diagnosed
      > the HCM as soon as possible. I would not
      > wait for a week to start a diuretic if it is
      > indicated.
      > Most cats have a normal
      > respiratory rate in the 20s when calmly
      > resting and sometimes in the mid to
      > low 20s when sleeping, but not dreaming.
      > I think most would agree that respiratory rate
      > in the mid 30s is starting to be concerning
      > and a rate above 40 will often indicate
      > a problem.
      > Was the HCM diagnosed by ultrasound?
      > Has she seen a cardiologist, or just
      > the second vet? If only an x-ray was done, it would
      > not
      > be clear what the exact diagnosis is. Radiographs
      > can only show an enlarged or grossly misshapen
      > heart. The x-ray would also show fluid in the lungs
      > or in the lung cavity. The ultrasound allows the
      > examiner to determine the thickness of the heart
      > walls, the heart valves and their movement and
      > allows one to calculate the velocity of blood flow
      > in the heart. An ultrasound is required to
      > definitively
      > categorize heart disease as HCM (hypertrophic
      > cardiomyopathy), DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy),
      > RCM (restrictive cardiomyopathy), unclassified
      > cardiomyopathy or valvular disease.
      > Atenolol is used to slow the heart rate
      > and is usually started at a low dose and
      > then slowly increased. Too high of a dose
      > of atenolol can cause decompensation,
      > especially when first introducing the
      > drug (CHF). Benazepril is an ACE-inhibitor
      > that acts as a weak vasodilator and can
      > lead to potassium retention. If potassium
      > levels get too high, the heart will slow down
      > and may cause a fatal arrhythmia. Most
      > animals here receive benazepril in combination
      > with lasix. Again, there might be reasons
      > why your vet chose this particular combination
      > for your cat, but it might illustrate the importance
      > of having your cat seen by a cardiologist
      > or internal medicine vet that specializes in
      > cardiology. Unfortunately, many general
      > practitioner vets are not as familiar with
      > heart disease as one might want.
      > I haven't heard of feline fatty liver disease
      > as a consequence of HCM before. I am
      > not saying that the vet is wrong, just that
      > I don't remember seeing anything like that before.
      > Perhaps, because some kitties with fluid
      > in their lungs (CHF) will stop eating and
      > drinking, your vet suspects this as the cause
      > of the hepatic lipidosis, but in my opinion,
      > that would not be a direct consequence of HCM,
      > but rather an indirect consequence of heart failure.
      > I am so glad that you are
      > able to feed your girl without much trouble.
      > You must love her very much to keep up wiht
      > the frequent feedings. Are you already a
      > member of the yahoo feline assisted feeding
      > group? They can be a great resource and
      > support.
      > I am very sorry to learn about Spice. She
      > is relatively young. My cat Cozette was
      > diagnosed with HCM when she was about
      > the age.
      > Best wishes to you both.
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