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31655Re: Two 6 year old brother cats - HCM - supplements, food, success stories pleas

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  • dshale1
    Dec 7, 2007
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      I'm sorry to hear that your two cats were diagnosed with HCM. I think
      the scales you are giving refer to their heart murmurs as with HCM
      itself, I've only seen it graded mild, moderate and severe.

      Most of us went through the same thing when our cats were diagnosed
      but it helped me a lot when my vet told me not to pay all that much
      attention to those prognosis studies online. He said most of what you
      read about HCM is outdated and with newer treatments, cats are
      surviving longer. Some of the newer sources I've found note that an
      asymptomatic cat with HCM can often live another five years or more.
      While it's true some cats get worse quickly, other cats never develop
      more than mild HCM with no symptoms.

      I hope this info helps--it helped me to feel a lot more positive about
      our cat's prognosis.

      -- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Kate Pawlowski" <tokates@...> wrote:
      > Two of my 6 year old, male cats have just been diagnosed with HCM.
      One of the cats is 4 out
      > of 6, and the other is 3 out of 6 according to my vet on a scale of
      progression of the disease.
      > They are brothers from the same liter which I hand raised from 7
      days old. I am of course
      > very sad, mostly because it looks like all the prognosis reports are
      2-4 year survival rate or
      > an average of 700+ days. I would like to hear from someone with cats
      that have similar
      > situations to my Bark and Panther. Also if anyone has a suggestion
      for proper food (they also
      > have struvite crystals from time to time), vitamin supplements and
      dosage, and proven
      > success in keeping your cats alive, well and happy with this heart
      disease - please message
      > me with information. I have a girl cat from the same liter and she
      does not have this heart
      > problem and hopefully will not develop it.
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