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31561Two 6 year old brother cats - HCM - supplements, food, success stories please!

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  • Kate Pawlowski
    Nov 30, 2007
      Two of my 6 year old, male cats have just been diagnosed with HCM. One of the cats is 4 out
      of 6, and the other is 3 out of 6 according to my vet on a scale of progression of the disease.
      They are brothers from the same liter which I hand raised from 7 days old. I am of course
      very sad, mostly because it looks like all the prognosis reports are 2-4 year survival rate or
      an average of 700+ days. I would like to hear from someone with cats that have similar
      situations to my Bark and Panther. Also if anyone has a suggestion for proper food (they also
      have struvite crystals from time to time), vitamin supplements and dosage, and proven
      success in keeping your cats alive, well and happy with this heart disease - please message
      me with information. I have a girl cat from the same liter and she does not have this heart
      problem and hopefully will not develop it.
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