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315Re: [feline-heart] Introduction and questions

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  • diane@mathermotorsports.com
    May 11, 2000
      Hi Melissa,

      I don't know about the combination of the two drugs, but when Kearra
      was put on Enacard last fall, the vet wanted to see her after one
      week for a blood test than again after a month. The reason was to
      check her kidney levels as she said Enacard sometimes can affect the
      kidneys. Kearra levels were fine so she continues on it.

      At the time, I knew nothing about CRF and the only blood levels I
      knew were white blood cell counts from dealing with Frisky's chemo,
      so I never asked what Kearra's levels were. The vet said both tests
      were fine.

      Kearra also enjoys Frisky's KD so much that I give her the Enacard in
      a piece of it every morning. Keeps her away from Mr. Finicky.


      74 MII Ghia

      Mustang II Registry!!!
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