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31343Ember has gone back to nature

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  • Debbie Eldridge
    Nov 5, 2007
      My sweet little Ember cat went back to nature today. She had a
      wonderful little life with us and we are so blessed to have had her.
      She was diagnosed just a few months ago, and had the best time she
      could possibly have had. I had noticed her breathing becoming
      slightly more labored (but still only 30-35 bpm)the last few days,
      and last night I could tell that she was getting ready to go. She
      gave us all a little extra love and tried her best not to let us know
      whe was going.

      This morning she was panting and weak, so I brought her to the vet to
      see if we could do anything to make her more comfortable. She was
      not able to hold her own without oxygen and the vet asked for
      permission to do a tap. I told him it would be okay, but I wanted to
      be with her. In the 3 minutes time from when I hung up the phone, to
      when I arrived at the vet's office, she had left to go back to
      nature. She was still warm and had that cute little kitten grin on
      her face. We were so fortunate to have her for the short time that
      we did. She was only 1 year, 9 mos. She will be missed, but never

      Just Saturday, I had her prescriptions refilled. I have Lasix and
      Enalipril, as well as, Native Remedies Heart Tonic, and would be
      thrilled to pass them on to another kitty in need. Please let me
      know if anyone can use them.

      Dee and Angel Ember
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