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31312Re:Pumpkin's hyperT

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  • Erica S.
    Nov 1, 2007
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      Hi, Linda,

      Please join the hyperT group at

      There's a lot of good information and support to get
      you and Pumpkin through this diagnosis and treatment.

      The subject of what causes hyperT has come up
      repeatedly on the list - many interesting theories,
      some corelation, but the bottom line is it remains an
      unknown. It is unfortunately a common disease in
      aging cats and it MUST be treated. While your cats
      may be responding to something in the carpeting or
      elsewhere in their new environment, it just doesn't
      seem likely to be the cause of a sudden onset of

      As El said, if Pumpkin's kidneys are in good shape,
      you should discuss with your vet doing the radioactive
      iodine treatment, which is a cure and would free you
      from having to give Pumpkin tapazole for life, which
      can be hard on the body over time. That said, many on
      the hyperT list have managed their kitties for years
      on tapazole.

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