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  • nala nala
    Oct 7, 2007
      Hi Cary,

      Welcome to you and Stinky, but sorry you are here.

      With the fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema), vets
      most usually prescribe a diuretic, lasix/furosemide.
      Furosemide is cheap at
      the regular pharmacy (expensive from the vet) and
      pretty well tolerated
      by most cats. With fluid outside the lungs in the
      pleural space (pleural effusion) or in the abdomen
      (ascites) the fluid often needs to be drained with a
      needle. Some people here have found that a
      combination of lasix and spironolactone are more
      effective than lasix
      alone in keeping pleural effusion at bay.

      It is important to get this fluid build-up treated
      quickly. It tends to get worse and more difficult to
      treat with time. It will make it more
      difficult for Stinky to breathe and can lead to a
      emergency and large vet bills.



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