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31116Re: [FH] Kitsu had a recheck ultrasound yesterday (CHF, DCM)

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  • Leah Ferron
    Oct 3, 2007

      It sounds like a good visit to the cardio! Although you may feel the visit wasn't as you hoped for, we haved learned in this group that a visit that doesn't show a progression of the disease and actual improvement to be an awesome visit! I am glad to hear that the meds are working for him.

      There have been several people in the group that have used the pimobendan so hopefully others that used it will chime in on it. There have been good results in dogs with DCM and pimobendan but not much research has been done on kitties with it.

      There is more than one flavor of Pill Pockets so you may find you need to change flavors after a while. Some kitties get tired on using the same treats. Just FYI. But glad to hear that they are working for you. I have a few of my kitties that like the Pill Pockets too.

      Keep up the good work.

      Leah and her cats and Angel Alec

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