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31112Kitsu had a recheck ultrasound yesterday (CHF, DCM)

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  • Renee Babcock
    Oct 3, 2007
      Hi all, yesterday afternoon Kitsu (CHF, DCM) had
      another ultrasound. The results weren’t as good as I
      would have liked, but there has been some improvement.
      His heart chambers are still quite dilated and he
      does have a very slight murmur. His heart rate was
      very fast, but even with kitty valium, he was really
      anxious, so that could certainly account for that. He
      also had about 20 mls of fluid in his chest (he had 2
      chest taps a couple of weeks ago, about 12 days

      However, his lung sounds were normal. The
      contractility of the ventricles has also improved, but
      still below normal. Last week, after getting the
      digoxin level test, his dose was increased, so I
      expect that to continue to improve (I got the digoxin
      compounded into capsules, and that's so much better!).

      Dr. Jones did change his meds a little. She added a
      new medication – Pimobendan, to his treatment plan (to
      strengthen contracitility and it's also a vasodilator)
      - as a result, his enalapril has been cut to 1/4 pill
      per day. And she did have me discontinue the

      So, Kitsu is now getting 9 pills a day – 5 in the
      morning, 4 in the evening (he's on lasix 1/2 12.5 tab
      2x daily, although every other day he gets an
      injection in the PM, digoxin 2x daily, enalapril,
      rutin 2 times daily, the pimo, plus azithromycin for

      Oh, BTW, we have discovered Pill Pockets! These are
      the greatest invention EVER! I may be the last person
      on the planet to have discovered them, and none too
      soon! Some of his pills are too big, so I just kind of
      squish the PP around the capsules – Kitsu doesn’t
      care. He thinks these are the best thing ever! He
      gobbles them right up, and couldn’t care less that
      he’s been medicated. The past few days have been a

      Oh, and I have to say it again: I love Dr. Jones and
      her staff (I'm in Austin). They are so loving and
      gentle with their patients (Dr. Jones and Denise, the
      tech who helped yesterday were both giving Kitsu lots
      of smooches and cuddles). I’m sure it’s partly
      because the patients they see are so ill, but heck,
      they obviously love their patients, too!

      Kitsu will be going back to see Dr. Jones in 2 weeks
      for another ultrasound (the day before I fly out to
      Baltimore for a business trip). I hope that with
      these most recent changes in his medications, and the
      much easier method for delivery of his meds, this next
      checkup will be even better.

      BTW, Kitsu was playful this morning – I haven’t seen
      that in a while! He found a straw and wanted to have a
      go at it, so that was nice to see. Then he laid on
      his side (I know that’s a positive sign, because he
      couldn’t do that before with all the fluids in his
      chest) and demanded I pet him. So, I obliged.

      I'm curious, is there anyone on this list also dealing
      with DCM, and if so, what have your experiences been


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