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31082Re: [FH] crushing spiro and lasix

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Oct 1, 2007

      I started out crushing the lasix in Pepper's food. That worked for a long
      time until she decided that she didn't want anything mixed in her food.
      It's really important that you don't discourage them from eating.

      The spiro could be crushed & mixed in if he will eat it. There are
      different manufacturers and the one that my pharmacist got had a
      peppermint-flavored coating. Plus the spiro is very bitter. If you can get
      away with mixing it in his food, then that's great.

      I always had the spiro compounded into a liquid and used an oral syringe.

      Sue & angel Pepper

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      Subject: [FH] crushing spiro and lasix

      > Does anyone crush these two meds and put them in food. Does it
      > compromise the meds? i can put anything into sylvester's food and
      > he'll eat it, but i gave him turkey with spiro in it and found it
      > later. if i crush the meds, i know he's getting it.
      > thanks,
      > jessica