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30507Fwd: Re: Help - Newly diagnosed restrictive cardiomyopathy

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  • nala nala
    Sep 3 6:55 PM
      I believe this was intended for the group.

      > Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 14:19:19 -0000
      > From: Dawn
      > Subject: Re: Help - Newly diagnosed restrictive
      > cardiomyopathy
      > Good news today!
      > All of your advice has been very helpful. We will
      > definitely talked to
      > Cat's cardiologist about the medications and
      > supplements that you have
      > all recommended. My biggest concerns right now are
      > blood clots, since
      > her atria are so enlarged,and pleaural effusion,
      > since the vet said
      > that the time before her next fluid tap will
      > indicate her prognosis.
      > But back to the good news... I walked around the
      > corner into the
      > livingroom to find Cat sitting in the window. The
      > window is at least 3
      > feet off the ground and has a thin ledge. That has
      > been her first jump
      > attempt since we brought her home on Saturday! She
      > happily watched the
      > birds and enjoyed the breeze for about ten minutes.
      > Now she is back to
      > her regular place on the floor napping, but that
      > seems to be a
      > definite improvement!
      > It's a good day!
      > Dawn
      > P.S.
      > She is on Lasix, once a day. Her blood tests
      > indicate no thyroid
      > involvement. Her eating has slowed back down to
      > normal, so we think
      > they fed her very little at the vet's. She was
      > diagnosed as
      > restrictive cardiomyopathy with severly enlarged
      > atria after an xray
      > and echocardiogram by a cardiologist. The CHF came
      > to the surface
      > after being given steroids for a flea allergy, but
      > we believe that in
      > hindsight she was having minor symptoms before being
      > given the steroid
      > shot. She was having labored breathing for at least
      > 24 hours on and
      > off before she was able to see the vet for her first
      > tap. She was
      > tapped twice in one day. The first time removed 243
      > ml of fluid.

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