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  • dodesrottie
    Sep 1, 2007
      Hello, I've been absent from the list for a while because I had
      surgery on July 26 and have been recovering. Welcome new members! I
      also just want to say how sorry I am to those who lost their beloved
      furry babies. It's always so very sad to see list members say they
      have lost their babies and to know the pain you all must be feeling.
      I'm so very sorry.

      Dakota is doing well. His one back leg still drags a little bit but
      otherwise he is getting along fine. The supplements have been helping
      so I'm thankful for the knowledge and advice about them. We fly to St.
      Louis for 3 weeks and he did well flying there and back.
      Unfortunately, after my return my cat sitter had let my other healthy
      cat out, Vanessa, and now she has been gone for over a week. Please
      pray I will find her or she will come home.

      Blessings to all,
      Dody, Dakota, and Vanessa