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30056Re: Keeping cats happy

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  • goldbe50
    Aug 5 5:41 AM
      I've done this and your cats will get used to being inside, eventually
      and will discover some interesting things to keep them busy. Suggest
      you hide what you want to keep for yourself.

      There are lots of silly toys for cats like the cat dancer that should
      keep them occupied for at least 2 minutes. I've never invested in
      anything like that. My furgirls are passionate about cotton swabs,
      plastic bottled water caps, little sponge rubber balls, and little
      furry mice. I keep toys inside the cat tree and they go in and get what
      they want. I'm always buying little toys for them but they always go
      back to their first loves.

      As for TV, since I got an LCD, two of my cats are just mesmerized by
      it. They seem to prefer Animal Planet (joking) but as soon as the set
      goes on, they are glued to it which is better than sitting on top with
      a tail hanging in the middle of the screen. Of course one of them likes
      a closer view. Good thing she's small. That's it, get an LCD set for
      your cats!

      Catnip. That should keep them busy for a while.

      And then there's the one who likes the computer ...

      You and your cats will adapt.

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