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30033Re: [FH] Jake lost his battle today

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  • Penny Branham
    Aug 1, 2007
      I am so very sorry. Embrace your memories and just know he is alive and well and in no more pain 'over the Bridge'. When Snowball passed, I was standing beside him and I raised my arms to cry out in grief. Just then I felt a vibrant rush of energy go up both my arms into the heavens and I know it was his spirit leaving his body, to join the Rainbow Bridge gang. It isn't something we tell each other to make each other feel better. It is real.

      God bless you and your kitties and Angel Jake.

      Penny, Angel Snowball & Ghost Ghost, MamaCat & Red

      Cindy <zzsnoozincat@...> wrote:
      My baby Jake passed away today. Evidently, the medicines they gave
      him to help unclot the blockage caused internal bleeding, most likely
      from the GI problems that he has been having. He was in a lot of pain
      and his body was shutting down. I have had him since he was six weeks
      old and though I have other cats I feel so empty right now. My oldest
      cat, Gracie, senses my pain and is hovering around me. I am thankful
      to have her but I feel so lost right now.

      I wish all of you well with your babies. Jake just had too many
      medical problems to overcome. Each one reacted against the other. In
      the end, his heart never failed him. It kept beating with everything
      else shutting down.

      Cindy Jeffcoate (with Gracie, Tommy, Noah, Carly & my Angel Jake).

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