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  • timbysmommy
    Jul 2, 2007
      Hi Jim,

      I tried lowering Li Li's dose a couple of times. One time it did not
      work well at all and I had to bring it back. The only time it did was
      when I brought her in and out of "crisis dosing." I lowered it from
      crisis dose, which is only meant to be short term (18 mg 3-4x/day)
      back to her maintenance dose (18 mg 2x/day and 12.5 mg 1x/day). The
      general thought of my vet was "if it's not broken, don't fix it." He
      felt strongly that if a dose is working well and she is not having
      any negative side effects, just stick with it. What are your vet's
      thoughts on any dosing changes? Is Rolie having any side effects
      (signs of dehydration, vomiting, loss of appetite)?

      Even if Rolie is small/average sized, 6.25 mg 2x/day is not an overly
      high dose. 1-2 mg/kg is the Merck vet manual dosing recommendation,
      so for an 8 pound cat (3.6 kg), 6.25 mg would be about right in the
      range. Of course, vets often raise the dose of lasix way up to
      control symptoms, because, like the American Lung Association likes
      to say, "if you can't breathe, nothing else matters." I have read
      that it is well tolerated by most animals even at high doses. Li Li
      weighed 6 pounds and her maintenance dose was minimum 48 mg per day
      in 3-4 doses, plus spiro and HCTZ. But she was very advanced in her

      I'd check with the vet on it--my guess is that he/she will not want
      to change this dose if Rolie is doing well. It is entirely possible
      that someday the dose will have to be increased depending on
      symptoms. I have not heard too many instances of animals being able
      to tolerate a permanently reduced dose, though, unless this was given
      to get through a short term crisis.


      Linda and Angel Li Li

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      <jimmyd68_2000@...> wrote:
      > Can anyone comment as to when it is advisable to actually lower the
      > dose of lasix? I am noticing that Rolie is breathing quite well on
      the current dose of 6.25mg 2x day and was curious as to whether it
      might be a good idea to see if a lower dose would be as effective. I
      don't want to tinker with it too much but also don't want to
      overmedicate right now. I know the dose is not high as it is, but as
      we all know the fewer drugs we can use, the better. I haven't
      changed anything yet; I am just seeking guidance.Thanks,Jim
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