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29462Albert's Home Again But Fading Fast

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  • Sharyl55
    Jul 1 1:37 AM
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      After 3100 miles Albert is finally home again. Going up to my Dad's
      helped. At least there he was loved by everyone and had the entire
      house to explore. What a different environment. My Dad carried him
      into the house to show him around. And we made it back home again.
      Now he is in familiar surroundings for his last days. I really
      didn't want him dying in a strange place.

      We've been to his local vet. She recommended tweaking the meds and
      fluids but there really isn't much else we can do. He is getting
      very weak and continues to lose wt. in spite of the assist feeding.
      His poor little heart is just giving out. He isn't in pain so we are
      just taking it one day at a time. We were blessed with an additional
      15 months of enjoying him. Not many kitties would have put up with
      all the poking and prodding by the vets and me.

      Pequita and Tiki made it through our travels OK. Though both get
      paranoid if it looks like I'm heading to the cat carriers.

      Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to me
      to have your support through this difficult time.

      Sharyl and Albert
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