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29046Li Li time may be short--in hospital

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  • timbysmommy
    Jun 3, 2007
      Hi all,

      After a brief period of stability, Li Li has been hospitalized twice
      this week. The first for 2 days of oxygen and an increase in lasix
      and spiro. After 4 days at home, she had to go back in because of
      labored breathing. She has been in oxygen for 3 days and can not be
      out for more than a few minutes. Our last attempt at saving her life
      is going to be one more increase in lasix and add a third diuretic
      (HCTZ). I have also purchased an oxygen concentrator. If she only
      needs brief boosts, this will work, but if she cannot live outside
      of oxygen for any length of time then she won't be able to come home
      from the hospital. She has had a good but short life, and I don't
      want her to spend too much more time in the hospital. She is getting
      upset now and wants to come home. The irony is that she just had an
      echo and the cardiologist saw some improvement in her condition. I
      don't understand how this could have gone so bad so quickly. They
      can't hear much fluid and there is no fluid on x-ray. I don't
      understand how she can have so much trouble breathing from fluid
      than they can't even find. I really think she might be near the end.

      I really thought there was going to be more time.

      Linda and a very sick Li Li
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