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29012Re: My Best Feline Friend Koko

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  • jamander33
    Jun 1, 2007
      Lorraine, I am very, very sorry about Koko. My deepest sympathies go
      to you today. 17.5 yrs. is a wonderful lifespan to celebrate. I know
      you have peace that you were with her when she passed. You are a
      precious mother. It has been a sad couple of days with Nala's
      Cozette passing and now Koko as well. I will keep you in my prayers.
      That was a beautiful memoriam that you wrote on Koko's behalf. And,
      you do not have to say goodbye. You can write to us as much as you
      want. Sincerely, Amanda and Griffin
      > I had a wonderful visit with Koko last night 5-30. She cuddled
      with me, purred and really enjoyed being out of her cage. I was
      with her from 6 until midnight. This morning I received a call from
      the vet with news her Bilibrium had skyrocket and I had discovered
      her jaundiced last night. The believed there was duct blockage or a
      liver tumor. I first agreed to a liver biopsy and Jpeg feeding tube
      and left work to go to the vet to kiss her before she went into
      surgery. The vet called soon after beginning the surgery to tell me
      Koko had a tumor blocking her bile ducts and it could not be
      resected. They closed and put her on morphine. I went after work
      and held her, cuddle her, talked with her and went down memory lane
      over and over again. I kept her until the anesthetic began to wear
      off and there was evidence of pain even with the morphine. She
      opened her eyes when I would talk to her and would sing to her in a
      soft voice as I often did at bedtime. She rested her paw and head
      on my hand between holding times. At approximately 9pm. I held
      Koko in my arms as she peacefully passed away. I've cried many
      tears over the last week, month and to some extent worried myself
      silly the last 2 years after I nearly lost her. I can't imagine
      life without her........she's been a part of my life for 17.5 years
      and I hers. This final separation is beyond true realization. I
      have had cats, I will have cats, but Koko is "THE CAT." I can't say
      goodbye, I can only say, Thanks.
      > I'm so sad.
      > Lorraine Gray
      > elgcats@...
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