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288Re: [feline-heart] Decreasing Lilli's Lasix

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  • Miguel &Linda Irrgang
    May 2, 2000
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      All our positive thoughts are going your way. Did you look into the rutin or B6?
      Did you get to contact julinalf@...???? I know she has alot of helppful

      Homeopathic vets can be very helpful with thngs like liquid retention. We are
      thinking of you and Lilli alot.

      Purrs and pats,
      Max and Pum and Linda

      gran_patti wrote:

      > thank you so much, you are just wonderful. So far, so good for her, This
      > is the beginning of the third day on the reduced amounts and I really think
      > that she is coping. I will hve to drop it again in a few days but I am so
      > afraid of going to fast and sending her into pleural effusion again. It was
      > touch and go about getting her back from the last time, Thank you Patti
      > and Lilli
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      > To: <feline-heart@egroups.com>
      > Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2000 9:13 AM
      > Subject: Re: [feline-heart] Decreasing Lilli's Lasix
      > > Pum and Max and I are going to be having positives thoughts for Lilli.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > gran_patti wrote:
      > >
      > > > Dear people. I am wondering if you will hold good thoughts for Lilli
      > and for me. I have been slowly lowering her lasix. During her big crash it
      > took l0 mg every six hours to work for her for a total of 40 mg a day or
      > every 24 hour period. Today I am starting a new level and it seems scary to
      > me to do this. I still have visions of her distress with all that liquid
      > in her chest and my fear of loosing her to heart failure or kidney failure.
      > But they have advised trying to see how far back I can cut the lasix, I
      > guess they think if she crashed again, and she was still on the high dose
      > where would we be able to go from the high? Although I have been slowly
      > inching up to this it still seems scary. Her new level will be a total of
      > 20mg in a 24 hour period. The other new feature is that instead of getting
      > a shot every six hours, she has to get it every 8 hours. In this case of
      > frequency, I have also been stretching out the time very slowly. I had her
      > up to every 7 1/2 hours.
      > > > So the time and amount are going to change but very slightly, It is the
      > realization that she is now getting about 1/2 of what she needed to survive
      > 4 weeks ago. I will be watching her like a hawk, can you relate, every
      > breath she takes practically. It is that dreaded labored breathing which I
      > fear seeing reoccur. Also another good time for me to assess her breathing
      > is right after she climbs out of the litter box because the exertion of
      > urination or pooping and then the follow up scratching and rearranging the
      > litter seems to be a pretty standard event with respect to the physical
      > activity levels it requires. So I will be watching. She seems pretty good
      > so far, her nose is a good pinkie color and her tongue when she yawns is
      > also pinkie (a far cry from the dark purple of both about 4 weeks ago) I
      > guess I feel like my nerves are pretty tight. Thanks and we send our best
      > to you and all the great kitties out there.
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