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2860Re: [feline-heart] Pumpkin's renal profile

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  • diane
    Jul 6, 2001
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      >i also remember someon e back sometime saying that when their pusscat
      >started on the enalapril that they felt it was what really accelerated the
      >downward spiral for them and who was that and what do you remember and can
      >you pls say it again.....

      Linda, Kearra changed to Enecard (which should be the same as Enalapril?) a
      year before she died and 3 weeks before she died her dosage was upped (she
      was originally only taking half the dosage for the first year)

      Her kidney levels were tested one month after she started it and they were

      We never made it to the one month time when she went to full dose. (and
      would you believe I still feel guilty that I hadn't yet made that
      appointment for her, I had forgotten?) :(

      I don't believe the Enecard had anything to do with her death, if you
      recall it was a blood clot that paralyzed her back end and she went into
      heart failure while we were at the vet.

      Just my dumb luck I guess. She never showed any signs at all, no tiredness,
      no wheezing, no fluid in lungs..... <sigh> .... it's still painful.

      I would try to get some fluids into Pumpkin and maybe different foods? And
      have him retested in a few weeks.


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