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28087Re: [FH] Looks like we're ok w/the enalapril ??

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2007
      Hi (sorry I don't know your name),

      In a message dated 4/4/07 12:40:28 PM, chime7469@... writes:

      > He's not at all concerned about any of her bloodchem #'s,
      > but some are quite high.
      And what did he say about the elevations (besides not being concerned)?

      > I just thought I'd go ahead and post them here too.
      I've rearranged the numbers to talk about them in orgran groups. Did the vet
      send this test out...or was it done inhouse?

      > GOT (AST)    97**         0-89
      > GPT (ALT)   295**         0-67
      These are liver values. The ALT, which is an enzyme that shows some
      disturbance to the liver (without indicating cause), is quite high. What does the cat
      eat? Any chance the cat was exposed to something toxic? Any digestive symptoms,
      eg vomiting, inappetance?

      > BUN         39.2**       7.2-21.6
      > CREATIN    1.1**         0.6-1.1
      > BUN/CREA   35.6**       12.0-20.0
      These are kidney values...and could be elevated b/c of infection,
      dehydration, some acute issue, some metabolic disturbance, or kidney insufficiency.

      There's some controversy about this, but the upper limit for creatinine is
      usually about 1.8-2.4 mg/dL (unless it's recently been changed or this lab has
      considerably diff. ref ranges. I'm assuming the measure is mg/dL). So it's hard
      to evaluate this.

      > T PROT     7.7**         4.8-6.8
      > GLOB       4.9**         2.1-3.8
      Globulin is a protein measured in total protein, which can be elevated for
      various reasons, incl dehydration and immune problems (which could tie in with
      the elevation in liver enzymes).

      Did the vet also do a urinalysis? If so, was there protein in the urine? If
      yes, was there also blood? What was the specific gravity? // Rosemary

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