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27481Re: Update on my two boys with HCM and HCM+CRF

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  • Tracy
    Mar 16, 2007
      Thanks Nala! Oscar is actually do much, much better. He's eating
      and acting almost completely normal - okay, normal for him! He was
      really low on Sunday and Monday didn't seem much better but I
      changed his food and kept giving him the periactin (he gets Pepcid
      in the am and periactin at bedtime) and every day this week he's
      gotten brighter and more like himself. I'm assuming that it's maybe
      because his BUN is coming down with the new food, lower proten and
      phos than what I was feeding him (Friskies). He's eating Science
      Diet Adult Savoury Cuts in Gravy both the chicken and beef flavours
      and he's definitely enjoying it. He's been eating almost two 6 oz
      cans a day since Tuesday. Only other med he's on is his Fortekor.
      He really is a fighter. I think now that spring is almost here and
      it's getting warmer he's going to perk up a lot more too. I'm
      thinking he may have been a tad depressed over the past month, I
      guess feeling yucky and it being so cold and gloomy looking
      outside. He just seemed very down. But I'm hopeful now he's going
      to be with us a bit longer.

      As for his heart meds, that's something I want to talk to the vet
      about. It might be that we just let him be, stay on the Fortekor
      and that's it since he is quite fragile. Continue to monitor him
      for stress and potential fluid buildup. I guess we'll see how
      things go over the next little while. I'm going to check his
      breathing this weekend when I can hopefully catch him sleeping.
      Sometimes it looks like he's breathing too fast then I realize he's
      purring so of course that makes all the difference - it's just so
      nice to hear him purr!


      nala_zq <nala_zq@...> wrote:
      Dear Tracy,

      I don't remember whether I responded to your note previously
      or not - I know that I had intended to!

      That is great news for Pumpkin! It is my opinion that if his heart is
      enlarged, particular the left atrium, that it might not be a bad
      idea to
      put him on a clot prevention med, but that is just my opinion.

      Of course, as you say, things are trickier with Oscar. I'm glad the
      periactin is working well for him. My heart/renal kitty didn't do
      so well with it. I didn't think the Pepcid mattered to my cat
      much either, until I quit giving it to her for a couple of days and
      her eating tapered off.

      I wouldn't be afraid of the lasix. I know it is hard with heart
      and renal kitties to manage both diseases, but if you think he
      is breathing fast I would try to keep it in check. My cat no
      longer gets any kind of standard lasix dosing. It is pretty much -
      count respirations - hmm 28 - well normally they should be
      about 22 when she is sleeping like this, I am going to give her
      10 mg instead of 7.5 and see if they come down at all. Oh goodness,
      now they are up to 36. Now she gets 10 mg. (it really drives me

      I think it is important to try to figure out what kind of respiratory
      rate is "normal" for Oscar when his fluid is under control. You
      can't always rely on the respiration rates of your other kitties,
      but you can also determine what is "normal" for them.

      Try to get your counting done when Oscar is sleeping, not when
      he is dreaming, not when he is awake. I also count the resps. when
      my cat is awake, but completely relaxed - falling asleep - as she
      wakes up when a piece of dust settles on the floor and her breathing
      is always rapid when she is startled awake.

      Best to you and the crew!

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